I paint portraits of  dogs, cats and other animals from all parts but especially from Southern California - Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and San Diego County.

'Thanks so much for the wonderful portrait of J. My friends can't believe how you captured him so perfectly. It must be gratifying to know that you have brought so much pleasure into other people's lives.'

Pet dog and cat memorial paintings from photos by Orange County, California artist


'Your portrait takes my breath away. she looks so real...like I could reach out and touch her. This is exactly how she would lie on our tile at our previous home...this is exactly how we remember her. You have brought such happiness to my heart, you captured her perfectly.'

'I can't tell you enough how special this painting has been to me and H. The entire planning, reviewing, picking the frame, and getting it perfect was a work of love. You obviously love what you do and it shows in your artistry and interpretation of my dream for H.'

Megan Marsden