Megan Marsden


Pet portraits from photos by award-winning artist in Orange County, California

My prices for portraits depend on the size of the painting, the kind of canvas, the number of pets, and your choice of background.

Prices for single pets against a plain background on a standard canvas are:

10 x 10 inches          $1,000

9 x 12 inches            $1,000

12 x 12 inches          $1,000

11 x 14 inches          $1,500

12 x 16 inches          $1,500

16 x 20 inches         $2,000

20 x 20 inches        $2,000

If you live in California, add 8 per cent for state tax.


These prices are for a plain color background. If you prefer an interior or outside background of your choice, add $200 to sizes 9 x 12 and 12 x 12; $300 to sizes 11 x 14  and 12 x 16; and $400 to sizes 16 x 20 and 20 x 20, plus state sales tax at 8 per cent.


For a gallery-wrapped canvas, add $50 to $100  depending on size. This canvas is wrapped around the sides of the painting and hangs on the wall without a frame.

Two or more subjects

To include a second pet in your portrait, add $300. The price of portraits with more than two pets is by negotiation.


Paintings are sold unframed, but I will gladly arrange framing on request. Prices are from $75 for the smallest size painting.

Postage and packing

$25 to $50 depending on size.

Payment terms and conditions

My terms are a deposit check for $300 to secure a place on my schedule. The balance is payable by check or in cash on completion.

I can also provide Gift Certificates. Please ask me for details.